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… And I quote, ‘St. Francis of Assisi says, All dogs go to heaven!’”

Steve Graham, St. Martin of Tour

What a friendly pack of humans ... and they eat treats too!”

Mary Ann (Duenwald) Jones, St, Martin of Tours Alumn

Look a dog-eared book!”

Marilyn Schulte, St. Martin of Tours


Pastor's Pen

March 29, 2020

Dear St. Martin of Tours Parishioners,

In the next two weeks, from now until Easter Sunday, the number of cases in the USA...Read more

Coronavirus Info

Dear St. Martin of Tours Parishioners,

This above is part of a letter I received via email on March 16....Read more

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Dash's Den

March 29, 2020

I don’t understand what is happening.

The air, it seems cleaner.

The roads, they seem emptier.

...Read more

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