December 22, 2019

My first home … I don’t remember it really well.  But I know it wasn’t a place I really liked, because I ran away.

My second home was a nice family with a young mom and dad and two adorable kids.  I loved them so much!  I protected the kids by nipping at their ankles and keeping them together.  I chewed on their stuff because I had to make certain nothing was untasty or bad.  Then they put me in a cage?  I was so confused! 

My third home is where I am now.  It’s my forever home.  Sure, I miss my former family, but I’m with a guy who is awesome!

He doesn’t mind

when I nip his nose

or bite his clothes.

He smiles at me

when I wake him up at 3

to go outside to pee.

He lets me eat his food

and sleep in his bed,

he tells me I am a good boy and he rubs my belly and pets my head.


I don’t bite ankles or chew things up.

I am never in a cage.

I love living here because I know I am loved.


It’s like I’m resting in my Daddy’s heart.

That’s the best feeling ever.


I hope this Christmas, you have that feeling, too.









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