July 28, 2019

Dear SMT Family,

At the end of every fiscal year, it is necessary and important that I communicate to you how we are doing financially. The good news is, as you can see, we ended this year in the black, with a small surplus.


Compared to one year ago there are some positives. Offertory and Bingo were slightly up as well as Organizations income. However, there are negatives. This year's surplus is $25K less than last year's.

The major contributors to this loss that can be addressed are: 

  1. Rental Income (we have two hopeful leads that would eliminate the deficit).
  2. Grant revenue (see below)
  3. Personnel Costs (increased due to organists adn annual 2% raise; I am not certain what to do at this point.)

So this coming year could prove a challenge, with plans to paint the church interior and to complete the Blessed Sacrament Chapel. I am going to apply for a grant with the Knights of Columbus for the latter--that would help. Also there is no harm done in praying to win the lottery.

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