June 21, 2020

Dear Humans ~

Screen Shot 2020 06 19 At 9.35.38 PmI am so happy that my backyard area has a fence.  It is my territory! It belongs to me, and my job is to keep the peace.  I’ve never had to hurt any squirrels.  I chase them, and they run away.  It’s a great place where I can roll in stinky places and poop freely.  (Also, I have secret places in the yard where I buried all sorts of treats.) It’s a wonderful place.

Only Daddy can open the gates.  And he only opens the gates if I tell him it’s okay to do so.  (We make a great pack.)

A few times, humans other than my Daddy and also some other dogs have come to visit in my territory.  When they are outside the fence, I bark and threaten to bite them!  But once inside, they are welcome to play and have fun.  When we are done playing, they leave my area, and I bark until they leave!

These are rules, you know. I think rules are important.

If one of these humans or dogs took over my area, I would be so confused and very sad I wouldn’t know what to do.  But Daddy tells me, “That will never happen, Dash.  You mean too much to me. I will always protect you and what is important to you.”




Pastor's Pen

July 26, 2020

Dear St. Martin of Tours Family & Parishioners,


I wish again to thank so many...Read more

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