March 29, 2020

Dear St. Martin of Tours Parishioners,

In the next two weeks, from now until Easter Sunday, the number of cases in the USA will skyrocket. Do not be afraid. That’s expected. Then we will turn a corner.

Do not worry. Make use of this time. Consider this time a retreat, an opportunity to have more time to be with God. Even though you cannot attend Mass, I ask you if at all possible to pray the Mass in the following ways:

Charter Spectrum:  Channel 100 or HD Channel 865
Dish Network: Channel 261
ATT U-Verse:  Channel 562
DIRECTV:  Channel 370

Every Saturday 4 PM Mass will be posted on our website
Scroll down and when you put your cursor on “Homilies,” click “Check Out Our YouTube Channel.” I apologize, but I do not have enough subscribers to stream our Masses in a way that is easy to access.

I am offering drive-through Confessions at the Church entrance 7 days a week from 6 PM to 7 PM

If you need Anointing of the Sick or “Last Rites” call our emergency number: 636-688-0900. I am allowed in hospitals and nursing facilities. I’m not a coward. As soon as you call, I’ll be there.

I am also providing Blessed Candles and Blessed Salt. I am placing them in the round chapel to the left of the vestibule.

Please pray to the Most Holy Trinity, Jesus, Mary, the Saints, and the archangels St. Michael and St. Raphael; that we get through this period in our nation peacefully and with minimal harm, and that we emerge on the other side more devoted in our love of God.

Let us pray for one another and unite ourselves in prayer.

signature Waldman


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