October 11, 2020

Deacon's Doodles

Dear St. Martin of Tours Parishioners and Friends ~ I decided to take the week off, so I told my Deacon to try his hand at writing something for Pastor’s Pen. Let me know how he did.

Dear Parishioners,

We read in scripture that when bad things happen God uses them to accomplish something good. We see this in the Book of Job. We see this when Joseph is sold into slavery only to be put in a position of authority over the Egyptians.

This caused me to wonder what good could possibly come out of a virus that has killed so many people and has caused so many problems for small businesses? I suppose that the research toward a vaccine should be considered and medical equipment is being developed but then I started thinking of all the positive things happening in our own parish. I witnessed our men’s club pull together for a successful barbecue and one of the biggest golf tournaments yet. I see the women’s club pulling together to write a cookbook and our parishioners giving generously every Sunday. All of which will keep us in the black.

Deacon Kurt


Pastor's Pen

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