September 5, 2021

Dear Parish Family and Friends,

Communication is important, but I’m taking a hiatus from writing Pastor’s Pens and Dash’s Dens (sorry, Virginia, Dash does not write his own material) so that I can focus on writing a book.

The book’s origins are from about twelve years ago when I was hastily assigned to teach Sacred Scripture at the seminary for a year while the rector searched for permanent faculty.

Because I was given very little time to prepare for the classes, most of my classes were not very good. With one notable exception: a highly original and comprehensive series of lectures on The Song of Songs which resulted in a hundred-plus pages of typed lecture notes and commentary. Because my brain is what it is and does what it does, I came up with an interpretation of The Song of Songs that was both entirely new, yet also continued its orthodox tradition of interpretation.

I was urged to turn it into a book. I even got a verbal commitment from a publisher. However, distractions, my perfectionism, my tendency to procrastinate, and life’s surprises kept me in a state of paralysis. Apparently, I am easily distracted by “the little foxes that spoil the vines” (Song of Songs 2:15) – those vampiric gadflies of existence that suck my energy.

So I decided now’s the time to “git er done,” so I am focusing all my writing energy on that. Please be patient with me! Sure, the bulletin get boring, but when the book comes out, I’ll personally sign your copies. 😊

Know that I love all of you! And please pray that I “git er done” quickly – all for the greater glory of God.


signature Waldman


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