April 23, 2023

After closing my parish email account down in February, I was told by a few parishioners that I really needed to restore it, because

1. people ought to be smart enough nowadays not to fall for a fake email from me asking to purchase Amazon gift cards (that scam has been around now for three years!), and

2. my instruction to send emails to me through Colleen’s email would breach potential confidentiality.

Unfortunately, last Sunday, a parishioner fell for an email scam, and as of this writing, I am trying to find ways to reimburse what the person (who was acting in good faith) lost to scammers. Therefore, I have PERMANENTLY DELETED MY EMAIL ACCOUNT. NONE OF YOU FROM THIS TIME ONWARD WILL EVER RECEIVE AN EMAIL FROM ME. If you ever get an email from someone claiming to be me, and if you fall for the scam, there will be nothing I or the parish will be able to do. I am sorry, friends, but there are bad people out there who ruin life for the rest of us.


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