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The History of St Martin of Tours

On Palm Sunday, April 2, 1939, it was announced that a new parish would be built, and it would be named St. Martin of Tours. 

Archbishop John Glennon appointed Father Carl Rees as pastor. 

Construction of the school building was started on June 9, 1939. The cornerstone was blessed on September 10th and classes were opened on October 2, 1939. 

The School Sisters of Notre Dame staffed the school until the 1986-87 school year. Archbishop Glennon dedicated the school on May 26, 1940. The school enrollment grew and the annex to the school building was opened on May 26, 1946. A second story to the school was added in 1956. At one point, the school population swelled to 597 students. The school closed in 2009

Historical events throughout the parish's history:

New Parish Announced January 12, 1938
Name of Parish Announced April 2, 1939
Broke Ground for School  June 9, 1939
School Dedication April 26, 1940
Dedication of Church August 3, 1952
Groundbreaking of Church July 30, 1950
Quilters Began  February 21, 1939
Ushers October 1939
Men's Club 1940
Confraternity of Christian Mothers  January 7, 1940

Priests who have served throughout the parish's history:

Reverend Rees 1939-1959
Monsignor Esswein 1960-1972
Monsignor Runge 1972-1991
Reverend Althoff 1991-1997
Reverend Callahan 1997-2003
Reverend Borgerding 2003-2005
Reverend Ferrara 2005-2013
Reverend Richardson 2013-2015
Monsignor McCumber 2015-2017
Fr. Noah Waldman 2017-present

Principals who have served throughout the parish's history:

Sister M. Lambertine Schnorbus 1939-1944
Sister M. Lorenz Blatz 1944-1948 
Sister M. Maura Owens 1948-1951 
Sister M. Rene Goupil Edelmann 1951-1954 
Sister M. S. Kostka Scherr 1954-1959 
Sister M. Loran Roche 1959-1960 
Sister M. Lorenz Blatz 1960-1969 
Sister Harold Marie Bexten 1969-1971 
Sister Carmen Marie Chandler 1971-1973 
Sister Jo Donna Grimes 1973-1983 
Sister Edwin Marie Meyer 1983-1985 
Ms. Marie M. Ziolkowski 1985-1988 
Mrs. Joanne Geels 1988-2000 
Mrs. Mary Chrapek 2000-2001 
Mr. Greg Sturgill 2001-2006 
Mrs. Aleta Marshall 2006-2009